Denise Ann Magliocco

Why wasn’t I told about all of my options?

The DAM Cancer Foundation is dedicated to giving cancer patients quality information, resources, and access to all of the alternative treatment options available today.

The DAM Cancer Foundation was founded in honor of Denise Ann Magliocco who passed away on February 14,2009, after a courageous 19-month battle with ovarian cancer. Both she and her husband, Alfonse Magliocco, believe that if they were informed about the alternative treatment options available, Denise would have had a better quality of life and might still be with us.

Denise’s family is dedicated to informing and educating others so they might have more comfort and greater success in their efforts to eradicate cancer. As Al asks” Why wasn’t she told about these options when she was first diagnosed?” with any questions, comments, stories, or support.

Those who are accepted to the program spend five months preparing check the website to be educational consultants while working in their local districts.


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